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Medical Future for the NW


 "President of the Victorian branch of the Australian Medical Association, Harry Hemley said the plan showed the Northern, Western and Sunshine hospitals needed help and that more services should be added to the system in these zones. ''They might need to build more hospitals. These growth corridors are a problem,'' he said. The plan also revealed: 

■Proportion of Victorians overweight or obese would jump from 49% now to 58% in 2022.
Avoidable hospital admissions would rise by 17% over the next 6 years.
■Between 2008 and 2022 there would be a 36% increase in heart disease, a 22% increase in stroke, 19% increase in osteoporosis and a 12% increase in cancer.
■By 2022, Victoria will need 84% more beds for kidney dialysis, 67% more for chemotherapy, 43% more for emergency medical treatment and 42% more for palliative care.
■About 60% of Victorians are health illiterate, meaning they lack the skills and knowledge to stay healthy.

The report also noted that Victoria's health workforce was inadequate and that the system would lose about 6000 nurses each year from now until 2022, with only about 4500 graduates entering the system each year to replace them.