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About us

Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) is a one-stop-shop catering for the needs of newly arrived and established migrants and refugees.

To ensure that new migrants and refugees to Australia are able to reach their full potential, we have developed settlement service packages specifically tailored to meet the on-arrival and longer term settlement and integration needs.

Our services include:

Immediate on-arrival and medium term post-arrival settlement housing and orientation assistance and migration information sessions; practical support and skills training to new and emerging refugee and immigrant community groups;

Migrant re-settlement family and youth programs for new migrant and refugee parents and youth specific programs designed to offer skills through parenting courses for migrant parents and teenagers, bi-lingual psychological counselling services, no-interest loans and financial and consumer assistance, social and friendship networks;

Job matching services and training vocational training courses (Spectrum Education & Training - SET) specifically designed to support new skilled migrants and long term unemployed job seekers;

Aged in-home & centre adult day care catering to migrant elderly through the trained and professionally accredited bi-lingual support home care workers of our Spectrum Multicultural Home Support Service (MHSS) catering to over 67 language and cultural groups;

Migrant projects consultancy and cultural competency skills courses, migrant and refugee focus groups and evaluation research to government and non-government organisations.