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Spectrum Multicultural Choir

The Choir brings together ageing migrants who share passion for music, desire to form new friendships and interest in learning about new cultures and languages. Communities represented in the Choir include Assyrian/Chaldean, Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino. 

Spectrum Multicultural Choir is proudly supported by Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC).

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With the eldest member aged 85 and an average age of 60, the choir was created by Spectrum MRC in 2006 as a way to engage elderly people with an activity that makes them feel confident and valued. The members of the choir meet for rehearsal once a month. The choir has a repertoire that includes church hymns, traditional songs in several languages, as well as Australia‚Äôs favourites like Waltzing Matilda and a tribute to the late Michael Jackson, The Earth Song

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Want to book the Choir for an event?
Why not having Spectrum Multicultural Choir performing at your event? You can book the Choir  to perform at conferences, festivals, carols and other occasions. 


Contact for more info

Shemiran Gevergizyan, Spectrum Multicultural Choir Coordinator  
Tel. (03) 9496 0246