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CALD Volunteer Project

From Receivers to Givers

This project aimed to encourage the ongoing engagement of people from new and emerging communities in volunteering, through varied activities that sought to promote change within mainstream agencies in engaging volunteers from those backgrounds, raise awareness of its benefits with members of newly arrived communities, and support interested community members to pursue greater involvement. From Receivers to Givers was part of the AMES CALD Volunteer Engagement Project funded by the Department for Planning and Community Development, and Spectrum MRC is grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this exciting venture.

Workshops: Volunteering in Australia - What's in it for You?

From September - November 2011, Spectrum MRC ran volunteer workshops in collaboration with The Salvation Army. These workshops explored how volunteering can help people to gain Australian work experience, develop skills, build networks and increase job and training opportunities.

Workshop participants were from diverse backgrounds and brought a wealth of different skills to the table. And while 10% of the participants had never volunteered before, 72% were already volunteering in their community and 59% had previously volunteered in Australian organisations.

Overall, the participants felt that the workshop was a positive experience and provided a space for them to consider what volunteering means to them.

“I learned how people should step out of their comfort zone and volunteer in Victoria….the whole process was very useful" ~ Workshop participant.

"I learned that volunteering is not just about giving…there is something for you" ~ Workshop participant.

Interested participants then searched and applied for volunteer opportunities with a variety of organisations. If you would like to find volunteer opportunities and information about volunteer organisations, visit Victoria's Volunteering Portal or Go Volunteer. If you would like to volunteer with Spectrum MRC, you can keep up-to-date with our current volunteer opportunities here.


In the meantime, here are some resources to get you started:

Effective Communication

Connecting to Local Volunteer Programs

Volunteering in Australia - FAQs

Developing Your Interview Skills

If you are an organisation wanting to involve volunteers of CALD backgrounds, get some helpful tips on how to get started from:

Hear what other organisations have to say...

Spectrum MRC also interviewed Agency Volunteering Ambassadors from the Brotherhood of St Laurence, DIVRS, Whittlesea Council and Spectrum MRC to explore the range of mutual benefits their organisation witnesses when they host volunteers of culturally diverse backgrounds.


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