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Spectrum MRC advocates on behalf of and with client groups to achieve improved settlement outcomes for new arrivals. Spectrum has developed an Advocacy Strategy.pdf 104.15 kB


  • Housing &
  • Race-based discrimination.

Together with stakeholders and community groups, Spectrum hopes to develop small projects and initiatives to reduce challenges experienced by newcomers in these two areas.

Together with the advocacy strategy, Spectrum also responds to issues of importance to our clients through the media


Policy submissions

Spectrum MRC presents submissions and expresses comments to inquiries which impact on our client.

Spectrum MRC- Inquiry into Multiculturalism Submission


Spectrum MRC- Future of Employment Services

Spectrum MRC-2011-12 Refugee and Humanitarian Program Submission

Spectrum MRC Inquiry into Public Housing in Victoria


Spectrum MRC Refugee and Humanitarian Program Submission

Spectrum MRC Submission for SCOA

Spectrum MRC - Guardianship Law Review - Response for Consultation