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Policies and Procedures

1. Introduction to Spectrum Education and Training (SET)

Spectrum Education and Training (SET) distinguishes itself from other training providers by supporting learners to overcome the language and cultural barriers to education and training. Our aim is to provide practical and enjoyable courses, giving students the confidence and skills to gain employment.

Our training material and expert trainers have adapted the teaching and assessment methods to suit the learning needs and experience of people from CALD backgrounds.

2. SET Code of Practice

As part of Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre (SMRC), Spectrum Education and Training (SET) aims to offer education and training programs designed to assist migrants and refugees and those with low levels of language, literacy and numeracy, to fully participate in Australia’s education and training system and to gain practical skills for employment.

Our Commitment to Students
SET provides students with clear and accurate information about the training services we offer, details about the qualifications on our scope and the training and assessment strategies we follow. SET provides a safe learning environment for our students.

Our Commitment to quality training and assessment
SET invests in experienced Trainers and Assessors who have a level of expertise in their chosen field. SET Trainers and Assessors meet the requirements under the AQTF Essential Conditions and Standards – Standard 1.4.
Our learning and assessment materials are developed or carefully chosen, and continuously revised by our industry expert staff, to ensure quality training and assessment for the student.
SET requests feedback from our students, employers and industry personnel to analyse and continuously improve our practices.

SET Culture
SET personnel value a high level of customer service and adopt a welcoming ‘open door policy’. Our local and wider communities are treated in a non discriminatory manner from the first point of contact through to obtaining their qualification, gaining employment and beyond.

Each individual staff member, student or associate is treated with respect regardless of background or experience.

SET Staff code of conduct
Each SET member of staff is committed to behaving in a professional, safe and respectful manner at all times. SET staff follow the most up to date policies and procedures and is committed to continuous improvement of the Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

SET is current with all relevant legislation and complies with regulatory requirements.

3. Access and Equity Policy

SET has a non discriminatory policy that enables the application into a course or qualification available to any individual regardless of gender, race, beliefs, marital status, physical or intellectual disabilities, sexuality or age.

4. Student Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is to be adhered to by ALL students whilst on the premises of Spectrum Education and Training, while off site at either Practical Placement, excursions, seminars, expos or any other locations where the student is representing Spectrum Education and Training.

• I will respect the views/opinions/cultures and information shared by all participants.
• I will allow all participants an opportunity to answer questions and share their knowledge and experience.
• I will not use inappropriate language.
• I will allow all participants an opportunity to discuss class related information and actively listen to them while they are contributing.
• I will turn my mobile phone onto silent or off (which ever is requested by the Trainer/Assessor) while in training or assessments.
• I will attend a minimum of 85% of all classes.
• I will be ready to commence training at the agreed time and complete training at the agreed time each day.
• I will return to my course promptly after all breaks.
• I will notify my Trainer/Training Coordinator of any absences.
• I will not plagiarise from any source.
• I will not be intoxicated and/or under the influence of any drugs.
• I will adhere to all requests from Spectrum Education & Training staff with regard to OH& S.
• I will leave the training room as it was after each training session.

Each student is required to sign an individual Student Code of Conduct before commencing a course or qualification. This is valid until the time the student ceases participation in the course or qualification. The signed copy is kept on the student file.

5. Grievance and Appeals Policy

Each Student has the right to be treated fairly and respectfully. All complaints and appeals are heard and dealt with accordingly. SET strives to create an environment where students feel comfortable to express their views and opinions without judgment or disregard.

If a student has a grievance or concern they are to address this with their Trainer in writing or in a private one on one meeting. If the grievance is involving their Trainer the student has the opportunity to address the concern with the Training Coordinator.

The Trainer or Training Coordinator will follow the SET procedure on how to best resolve the issue. If the Trainer or Training Coordinator is unable to resolve the grievance for the student it may be escalated to the RTO Manager. The Trainer or Training Coordinator approaches the RTO Manger on behalf of the student. The RTO Manager will provide a resolution and the student will be informed.

If the student is dissatisfied with the resolution presented they are able to make an Appeal. This is done via the Appeals Application Form. Please complete this form if you wish to make an appeal and submit it to SET Reception. Reception will forward it to the RTO Manager for consideration

6. Indicative Fees and Charges

The student tuition fees as published are subject to change given individual circumstances at the time of enrolment.

Please click on the below link to view our Indicative Fees and Chages Table for 2013-2014.

Fees and Charges

7. Deferral and Withdrawal Policy

A student may apply for a deferral from a course they are enrolled in for a maximum period of three (3) months per course. The student may only apply for one (1) deferral in a twelve (12) month period. The valid reasons for a deferral are:
- Health reasons (including stress and pregnancy)
- Family commitments
- Travel
All other reasons are to be approved by the RTO Manager.

If the applicant meets the above criteria the application MUST be approved. If the applicant has provided false information and the applicant does NOT meet the criteria, they must apply for a withdrawal from the course and re apply at a later date.

8. Refund Policy

If a Student is withdrawing from the course they may be entitled to a refund. SET will refund a student the materials and amenities fee and the tuition fee; the enrolment fee will NOT be refunded. This refund will only be granted within 28 days from their enrolment date. Any time outside the 28 days the student is not entitled to a refund.

If you wish to re enroll at a later date all fees will be re charged as a new enrolment including materials and amenities, tuition and enrolment fees. The re enrolment fees will be charged to at the most current rate.

9. Issuing Qualification Certificates and Statement of Attainment (SOA)

SET will issue a student with a qualification on the basis that:
- All assessments have been completed and the student has been deemed competent in all units.
- The required practical placement hours have been completed and evidence of participation has been submitted.
- All relevant documents associated with the training and assessments have been audited by SET staff.
- The student has paid all fees owing in full.

A Statement of Attainment of the completed units will be issued to a student in the instance where a student has withdrawn from the course before completion. A student may also require a Statement of Attainment when they have completed a short course and full qualification has not been obtained.

Certificates are generally issued within 20 working days of course completion.

If a certificate or statement of attainment is lost……
A student may request a reprint of their certificate, in writing, to the SET Administration Office. The student will be charged a re print fee of $20.00. Once this fee has been paid the re print of the certificate will be sent via mail.

10. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfer

SET recognises prior education and experience and offer students the opportunity to apply for RPL and/or Credit Transfers. If the student has sufficient work experience, life experience or other formal training to constitute some or all of the qualification SET will guide them through the RPL process.

If the student has completed some direct equivalent units that are included in the qualification they may supply SET with a Statement of Attainment and a credit transfer will be granted. This means that the student will be exempt from the delivery and assessment for that particular unit.

The RPL and Credit Transfer opportunity and process is explained to you during your Pre Training Review session.

11. Student Feedback

SET is dedicated to student satisfaction and continuous improvement. We are interested to find out how you are enjoying your course throughout and if you are satisfied with your final outcome.

All students are asked to complete the AQTF Learner Survey during or upon completion of the course. This information helps SET acknowledge the level of quality of our training as well as improve on areas of dissatisfaction. The feedback collected from students will also be reported to the Government for statistical purposes.

Students may also be asked to complete a NCVER feedback survey and/or be invited to participate in other feedback process requested by the Government.