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Settlement & Family

In settling into a new country, newly arrived migrants and refugees often have lots of questions about various Australian systems and their own particular situations. For the newcomers in the northern metropolitan region of Melbourne, Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre provides information and answers to questions about the broad range of settlement-related issues that face a newly arrived person. These may involve questions such as:

  • Is there an employment service I can go to that is familiar with working with newly arrived migrants and refugees?
  • How do I sponsor a relative to come to Australia?
  • Who can assist me to find a house to live in?
  • How do I know if I'm getting the right amount of social security/Centrelink payments?
  • Where can I learn to speak English?
  • What do I have to do to have my trade/professional qualification recognised in Australia?
  • Some members of my family need medical treatment – where can I find the sort of health services they need?
  • I have a house but no money for furniture – how can I get some furniture?

Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre has bilingual staff and provides culturally appropriate assistance to clients experiencing settlement related difficulties. Our staff speak a wide range of languages, and on-site interpreters or the telephone interpreter service can be used to help people communicate in their own language

Professional Standards

Spectrum offers free immigration assistance to refugees/humanitarian entrants who have been in Australia for less than 5 years. Assistance is provided by Registered Migration Agents (MARNs: 0003269; 1170469; 0428942; 1463349) in cases where clients are seeking to propose family members through the Special Humanitarian Program (SHP) or to sponsor family members through the Family Program.
Immigration assistance is regulated by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). Code of Conduct can be found at   You can also contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to find out about immigration procedures.

Want to come and see us?

If you have wondered about the answer to one of the above questions, or other questions, come to one our offices and take advantage of our Intake Service, no appointment is necessary: the first 6 clients to register for the Intake Service are given a half hour interview with the Intake Worker.


To be eligible for our Intake Service you need to have been in Australia for less than 5 years and have arrived in Australia on a Refugee and Humantarian Program visa or a Family visa. Unfortunately we can not see people holding Student visas, Skilled visas or Tourist visas.

Intake Service - times and locations

  • Level 1, 306-308 Bell Street, Preston - Monday and Wednesday from 9.00am and only 6 people are assisted per intake day
  • 61 Riggall Street, Dallas - Wednesday and Friday from 9.30am and only 6 people are assisted per intake day
  • 161 Harvester Road, Sunshine - Monday and Wednesday. Intake service starts at 9:30 and only 6 people are assisted per intake day.

For further information you can call (03) 9496 0200 or visit our office.