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Humanitarian Settlement Service (HSS)

Funded by Department of Social Services, in partnership with the AMES Consortium

Spectrum MRC has been involved in delivering the Humanitarian Settlement Services (HSS) over its existence and since April 2011 as part of a consortium with AMES. HSS provides coordinated settlement support to Refugees, Special Humanitarian Entrants (SHP) and their sponsors during their INITIAL SIX TO TWELVE MONTHS UPON ARRIVAL. Spectrum MRC provides the Case Management service within the contract in the North East Region. Case Coordinators assume responsibility for the needs assessment of eligible clients, in order to determine what services are required within designated time lines. They ensure that all relevant services and referrals are managed and delivered in a coordinated way. The role ensures that new arrivals develop the skills, knowledge and support to begin to build their lives as part of the Australian community.

The current Consortium partners are AMES Settlement, SCAAB, Redback Security Services, Brotherhood of St Laurence (BSL), Spectrum MRC and New Hope Foundation. Full details of the program is available in this document.  

To find out more, please contact Nuha Markus, HSS Coordinator, on (03) 9301 7400.