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Activity Groups

As well as individual respite activities on a one to one basis, Spectrum MRC specialises in offering a range of group programs for people with disabilities. People with disabilities may attend accompanied or unaccompanied. 

Activity Groups 

Cooking Group
Learn how to prepare healthy nutritional meals, drawing on a variety of multicultural traditions, and share a meal together 



Clifton Respite Cottage
7 Clifton Grove, Preston
Swimming group 
Keep fit and healthy while learning basic swimming, in a social environment  



Coburg Leisure Centre 
Social Games Night
Participate in a bowling league; play bowls, bocce, cards, and other fun activities 


4.30 --6:15pm

AMF Keon Park; and Clifton Respite Cottage
7 Clifton Grove, Preston
AFL Football Group (during football season)
Attend football matches with a group during the season, with support from the AFL 
according to games Various Melbourne football stadiums
(MCG or Etihad Stadium) 

To be announced later this year:

Dance Group

Learn and practice a variety of dances from around the world & perform 

TBA Clifton Respite Cottage
7 Clifton Grove, Preston

For more information, please contact:
Disability Services
Telephone: (03) 9496 0200